Tutorial Overview

Prerequisites to learn java:
  1. To speak honestly you don't need any prerequisites, You do not need any prior knowledge to start programming in Java. Java is a perfectly fine to learn as a first language .
  2. If you know basics and OOPs concepts , you can learn much faster

This tutorial mainly focussing on core java, you may see lot of examples of every topic and also quizes on that particular topic.

The steps in this tutorial are outlined below:

  1. What is Java
  2. Java software Installation
  3. First Java Code
  4. JRE JVM and JDK
  5. Classes and Object
  6. Data Types
  7. Variables
  8. Methods
  9. OOPS Concepts
  10. Interface
  11. Strings
  12. Arrays
  13. ExceptionHandling
  14. File Input Output Classes
  15. Collections
  16. Threads
  17. Serialization
  18. Interview Questions