Guidelines to start learning Java

If you don’t know how to start and end learning java course you can follow below pattern.First thing is to master the core java and Hibernate, after that it will be easy to learn and master advanced courses

Core Java Topics
  1. Knowing What is Java
  2. Knowing Java software Installation
  3. Practicing sample Hello World code
  4. knowing what are JRE JVM and JDK
  5. Knowing Classes and Object
  6. Knowing Data Types
  7. Knowing what are Variables and how to use
  8. Knowing what are OOPS Concepts in Java
  9. Knowing what is Interface
  10. Knowing what is String how to use String
  11. Knowing what is Array and how to use Array
  12. Knowing about Exception Handling
  13. Knowing about Java File Input and Output Classes(File reading and writing)
  14. Knowing about Generics&Collections
  15. Knowing about Serialization and De-Serialization
  16. Knowing about JDBC